The meaning behind my name

​First of all, I start to like the idea of keeping the word behind in every title, even though I perfectly know it won’t be possible. Just enjoying the idea, though!

Anyway, enough of my yammering: layalke. It all began a few years ago, when my parents gave me the Nintendo DSi as a Christmas present of mine. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with a game called “Professor Layton” and everytime its creators promote a new version, I get excited for days. This explains the first part of the nickname I’ve chosen to be recognised with: lay. Now, al is part of my actual name, which is Alessia. Teenagers tend to hate the names their parents gave them, but I really do like mine, I think it suits me. The fact that it’s the coolest name ever because it means “protector, defender” doesn’t count.                                       Now we’ve got layal. The last two letters, k&e, are nothing but the last two letters of Professor Layton’s favourite pupil’s name, Luke. 

Ta-dah, /lajalke/; that’s my virtual name and how I’d like to be called by my friends also in real life, but that’s far from being an imposition.

Mainly, I’ve written this article just as an answer to every new person I meet online, whose first question usually is: “what does your name mean?”. Well then, from now on I’ll just tell them to go and read my blog. Advertising guys, advertising!

@layalke 🐍


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