Won’t you dance with me?

  • Lose it. Lose your insecurities, lose what makes you think: “I won’t make it” because you will and I shouldn’t be the one who tells you, you should be the one who completely agrees with that. You will, as long as you truly want it. So,
  • don’t you stop the music. We’re dancing along this crazy and irregular song called life and we never stop. Well, to be honest, we do stop at a moment but, until that, simply stopping the music by your own is never the correct answer. You may turn off the volume a little bit, you may dance slower, you may change the song, but you should never feel that turning the “play button” off is the ONLY answer you’re left with. In conclusion,
  • get into it. Make music your reason to live if you’ve got no one else; make your favourite song your personal soundtrack. Just lose yourself in those smooth lyrics and notes and when you’re ready,
  • won’t you dance with me? With me, with your friends, with your family, with who you love the most?

Now I’d like to give you readers a personal piece of advice I’ve happened to learn over the past 15 years: think, but not for too long. Thinking is my favourite hobby and I’m truly aware of the fact that, if it were everyone else’s favourite thing to do as well, the world would be a better place, but thinking way too much or for way too long can be dangerous. You lose autonomy, which is essential when taking a decision, and, above all, you lose spontaneity, and that’s awful because you may convince yourself of liking an idea you didn’t seem to enjoy in the first place. 

Shortly, I’d like to thank Oh Wonder for creating such a masterpiece and invite you all to go and listen to this. Words might help when communicating, but music is on a whole new level; so, if you feel like what you’ve just read is a massive raving, just listen to this song. Then, everything will be clear. 

@layalke 🐍


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