I miss us

This is a tribute to all those friends which aren’t so anymore. Feel free to think about whoever comes up to your mind, I’ll try to be the less specific I can.

▶ Stay with me – Sam Smith

Words might help when communicating, but music is on a whole new level.

Dear man,

I’m writing this knowing you won’t probably even read it. I don’t think I’d like you to, because otherwise I’d be talking to you in person and I wouldn’t be obliged to write. I’m writing because, you know me, that’s what I do when I’m upset. And now, I really am. The reason, and, careful, that’s not a fault, is you.

Yes, we made peace and apparently we’re fine, but we’ve always known we won’t ever be as close as we used to. 

Do I miss you? Oh Gosh, that’s a hyperbole. I miss our hugs, our sweet kisses on the cheeks, our songs, our train tickets, our silly/cool photos we managed to take, our houses, yours and mine when you’re in it. I even miss your parents and your siblings, I miss the food your mum cooked and your dad’s car rides, I miss playing with your little sister. I miss our dates, I miss calling you at 4 am of the test’s day just to revise together that one subject, I miss talking about anything and everything and I miss staying in silence in your presence. I miss holding your hand and put mine and yours in my jacket pocket because it’s cold outside, I miss texting you everyday. I miss us.

Am I angry at you? I… I don’t know. I think not, I’m angry at how we both acted when it came to solve this situation. I think you are as well.

This letter is not a disperate scream for help, mainly because I’ve moved on and become close to other people, therefore I’m not alone. I don’t think I’ll be able to start it all over again, but believe me when I say that I do miss the idea of you I used to have.

I’ve just decided I’ll add my favourite photo of us because, despite what I said at the beginning, a part of me desires you to read this “open letter” and come back to me and hug me and tell me that from now on, everything will be like it used to be for real. But it won’t. And all I’m left with are my words and the vain hope that you’re happy; it doesn’t matter anymore what you’ve done or what I’ve done, now it’s just our feelings and our memories. And I want to thank you because, for a while, you taught me what true friendship meant. 

Yours truly, Miss Deli

@layalke 🐍


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