And then there were none

▶ Hunt you down – The Hit House

Words might help when communicating, but music is on a whole new level.

The title of the theatre piece I played in yesterday, inspired by “10 little niggers” by Agatha Christie. Yeah guys, I’m a theatre kid and proud to be. I always encourage everyone to take drama classes because they can change your perspective of a life, if you work with the right people. And, by right, I mean amusing and expert people, able to have fun with and, still, able to let you learn something.

My drama mates are my second family and I couldn’t imagine living a day without knowing them. Our relationship is not clingy at all, but we lived so many moments together and made so many unforgettable memories that you realise you simply need it. Therefore, I’m already looking forward to starting to take classes again. This whole summer will be a little less amazing because our course is suspended.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean we’re not going to keep in touch: we’re still hanging out. I freaking love them.

Now, let’s talk about the performance itself. Of course there is always something that is going to be wrong: someone could skip their line, or hit another actor by mistake, or also hit and make something fall, break and make a noise… the most important thing is to keep going and act as you would in real life, always by conforming to the period you’re living in.

Yes guys, living, because acting is not pretending to be Mr. Nobody, is being Mr. Nobody. In fact, when everytime I’m on a stage, I’m not Alessia anymore and I don’t feel like I am. I just belong to my character and its mind. I think as it would. I act as it would. That’s also why I’m not a big fan of learning a script by heart: you need to think the words you say in order to feel them and make them true.

For example, yesterday I portayed Mrs. Brent, an old, religious, old-fashioned and old maid and, even though Alessia is young, modern and an atheist, there was Mrs. Emily Brent on that stage. In more than one occasion I made the sign of cross, something I wouldn’t do even if I was being tortured, but it just felt natural and correct.

Kids, theatre is basically everything you need in order to open yourself and be extroverted. It teaches you the proper diction, how to use your vocal range and your voice, how to make others notice you, how to solve a situation you weren’t prepared for, how to face inexpected moments you may go through. It teaches you to laugh, to cry, to express anger and joy. It teaches you to live and to die. And you learn to listen to others, to hear them err and rejoice because they manage to do what they aim to. 

It’s a world you enter that will never disappoint you.

I’m proud of what I’ve reached but, most importantly, I’m proud and passionate of what is going to happen and I have the good fortune to share it with awesome people.

Two of my mates and I were given this same flower by one of our teachers.

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