I’ve discovered Twitter after years of snobbing it and it’s awesome

▶ Carmen – Stromae

Words might help when communicating, but music is on a whole new level.

More than the lyrics, which anyway I consider effective and smart and catchy, I suggest watching the video of the song I’ve written above. It truly does show what I would really hate to become because of my new discovering.
You’ll forgive this “Buzzfeed-y” title because it really sends out what my mind is on at the moment. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’ve been such a hater of the world of Twitter, constantly attaching fictional signs that had “Instagram > Twitter” (which I still agree on) written on and simply disliking how few letters you can type in a post. I mean, two perfectly constructed sentences and you’ve already finished your room. 

But now, since my best friend unintentionally brainwashed me just after downloading Twitter himself… man, I couldn’t help it. And now, boom baby, it’s been two days since I got it and I’ve already organised every posts I’m going to publish daily until Christmas 2018. 

Maybe it’s the bird, maybe it’s the blueish colour, I don’t know. But I’ve never been happier of discovering a Social. Neither Snapchat itself (which now I consider the devil of apps and the hell of photography) made me so satisfied. Birds are better than dog filters. 

I’ll stay loyal to the one and only love of my life, Instagram, but, if you readers are on the fence, “Should I get it or not?”, listen to me: JUST DO IT! And then, feel free to follow me on there. Having a character limit makes me feel under pressure and therefore I’m even funnier.

Plus, I’d like to add that I’ve not been paid by all the social medias I’ve quoted (is that even possible?) nor by Nike. Potential product placements everywhere.

@layalke 🐍