From the Gospel according to me

▶ Take me to church – Hozier

Words might help when commuicating, but music is on a whole new level.

Prepare yourselves for a random vent I wrote a few days ago. I woul’ve liked to go on in a deeper way and be less “calm”, but, you know… the Internet. Also, you will pardon me but my least classy and elegant part came to light whilst writing (you’ll find a couple of swear words). This is a topic which really is close to my heart, 100% close. The closest something has ever been.

Do I think religions shouldn’t exist? Yes. Do I think God exists? No. Do I believe religions are nothing but a giant media created in order to control the mass? Of course I do. Am I willing to respect anyone’s religion, as long as they respect me and my choice of not having one? Yes, I am.

That’s the big difference between sensible and hateful people. If you’re intelligent enough to be following basic human rights (such as equality, liberty, personal security…), you’re doing your job quite well. You don’t disrespect others’ culture and of course you can demand others not to disrespect yours.

But, in the very moment you tell an atheist: “I’ll pray for you”, or, for instance, an atheist says: “I think every muslim should die”… well, shame on you (and on your family & on your cow). By doing so, you’re just contribuiting to increase the big circle of hate we’re in, and that’s really not what humanity needs right now. We’re already messed up, we don’t need anyone’s bullshit to make us angrier.

I’d love to share what I think here: religions can have both positive and negative sides, and you decide if you’re a believer or not only by choosing which side you’re mostly affected by. For example, those negative sides I saw have frightened my so much I can’t see the world of religions otherwise: that’s why you should read the Bible and the Qur’an. Some of their passages are horrific, mainly because those books were written by several men thousands of years ago, when their view of life was still uncivilized and not as developed as ours. Their thoughts about women, children and homosexuals… hell no. I, being a teenager girl part of the LGBT community, cannot stand anyone who still believes those are the doctrines we should follow nowadays. The idea that I’m deserving hell because of my sins is a lie meant to make me a slave of those in power.

About the positive sides: of course, if you’re a believer, you need religion to bear the unpleasant events that may occur in your life. Perhaps, believing that in a few decades you’ll be living peacefully and in a stress-free way, with the people you’ve lost, might help you going through bad periods and I totally get that: in a way, being a devotee could help me as well. But, again, that’s another profound difference: I make myself the strength I need to survive. I’m strong enough not to need anyone else who promises me some sort of awesome and amazing life afterwards. I need certainty, I want to live this (and, supposedly, only) life the best I can. I guess that’s both a responsible and wise point of view. I want to live the best life I can to make sure that the people who come after me will have their chance to be shown a world a little less shitty than what I was introduced to.

In conclusion: I hate what religions entail in the real world (terrorism and wars, prejudices and bias… don’t try to tell me that religions aren’t involved), I highly dislike those worshippers who call themselves so just for a matter of traditions / obligation but still, just because I want to be a decent human being, I respect those who respect me, wherever they come from and whatever their religions and culture are. “Live and let live”, everyone be ready to tatoo this on their mind. Peace&Love folks!

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